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Foundation problems are an all too common issue faced by homeowners in East Texas. From aging homes to shifting soil, the region's unique geological makeup makes it particularly susceptible to foundation issues. Whether it's cracks in the walls, uneven floors, or doors that won't close properly, these problems can be a major headache for homeowners. However, with the help of the experienced professionals at Barwell Solutions LLC and our innovative solutions, tackling foundation problems in East Texas has never been more manageable. Don't let these issues undermine the stability and value of your home, take action today!

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How do you fix foundation problems?

Foundation problems exist in homes and buildings throughout the world. Some areas have soil conditions and construction styles that make foundations less stable and more susceptible to problems such as sinking, cracking and upheaval. As an East Texas foundation repair contractor, we have the skills and experience to deal specifically with the conditions of our area and the construction style of the homes here in Texas.

Are you experiencing concerns about your home's foundation? Look out for these five telltale signs that could indicate foundation problems. Whether you're a homeowner or a potential buyer, being aware of these warning signs can help you address any issues early on and prevent costly repairs down the line. Don't ignore these red flags - take action and protect your investment!

  1. Cracks in the exterior facade such as cracks in the bricks, exterior foundation and slab can be a sign of a foundation problem.
  2. Difficulty opening and closing doors. When foundation sink or rise, the doors of your home can come out of the original plumb and level from when they were built. A door that is out of adjustment can be a sign of foundation issues.
  3. Interior cracks and nail pops in the drywall can be a sign of a shifting foundation. You may notice that the seems and joints in the drywall are beginning to show signs of weakness. When the drywall shifts from a sinking foundation, the holes can become more noticeable and sometimes even pop through.
  4. Uneven floors can be the most obvious sign of foundation and slab problems. You may see visible cracks, feel the difference as you walk or even get the feeling of vertigo.
  5. Leaning chimneys can be a strong visual identifier of a foundation that needs repair. A chimney that is not plumb and out of alignment with the rest of the home can bring attention to a bigger problem below it.

Foundation and slab problems can be fixed in many ways. There are methods that work better in some parts of the country that don't work as well in others. Many of the solutions depend on local knowledge of the soil and construction styles of the homes and buildings. At Barwell solutions, we have the knowledge and experience to identify and correct foundation problems throughout East Texas.

Some methods include:

  • Pressed Pier Foundation Repair
  • Concrete and steel pressed piers
  • Helical Pier installation
  • Poly foam slab lifting and deep injection
  • Pier and beam repair and replacement
  • Pier shims and adjustments
  • Block and pad repair and replacement

The cost to repair foundations in Texas varies from home to home. In homes that are built on slabs, a settling slab may only require a few piers to bring it to level and in other homes, entire sections of the house need to be lifted. In other homes that are built on piers, the floorboards and joist may all need to be replaced to create a strong construction.

The fact that homes throughout Texas have different foundation construction and problems, an average price to repair cannot be determined. At Barwell Solutions we seek to provide the best service at an appropriate price. We work very hard to give our customers the best value for their hard earned money.

There are ways that homeowners can help prevent foundation problems from occurring. Often time catching the problem early can help prevent major damage and costly repairs. Here are some things that you can do to possibly prevent foundation problems or existing issues from becoming worse:

  1. Contact Barwell Solutions for a foundation health checkup. We will come to your property to inspect and advise on foundation maintenance and repair.
  2. Water is a major culprit in foundation issues. Make sure your gutters are clean and the downspouts expels the water away from the home. Barwell provides excellent gutter maintenance services and can provide complete drainage repair.
  3. Keep an even balance of moisture content in the soil around the house throughout the year by wetting the soil in the dry times.
  4. Prevent animals and pests from burrowing under slabs and foundations. Many gophers, moles and armadillos can create tunnels that can allow water to come in and undermine a foundation. Prevent these pests from impacting the soil below your home.
  5. Backfill any voids that have been created by animals or by contractors such as landscapers and plumbers. Make sure to compact and repeat the backfill to be sure that water cannot collect and pool within the voids, weakening the integrity of foundations.
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Yes, many homes in texas have problems with foundations due to the geology and the soil conditions but those problems can be fixed. Owning a home in East Texas is about the Texas quality of life that we love. That is why our company was founded right in the heart of Tyler, TX and as we continue to grow, will be the headquarters of our operation.

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There are many benefits to living in East Texas, making it an idyllic place to call home. One of the greatest advantages is the close-knit community that is synonymous with Texas. In East Texas, neighbors become like family, always ready to lend a helping hand or share a friendly conversation. This sense of community fosters a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where you can truly feel a sense of belonging and this is why we at Barwell Solutions love living, working and going to church in these communities. The founders of this company met and became friends a local tyler church call, Church of the pines located in the south side of the city.

One of our favorite parts of living in East Texas is the abundance of natural beauty that surrounds you. From picturesque landscapes to serene lakes and rivers, the region offers a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. During the weekends, you will likely see come of the Barwell owners and workers out fishing on Lake Tyler, Lake Palastine or Lake Jacksonville where they enjoy catching trophy largemouth bass.

The Downtown Tyler, Texas area boasts a rich cultural heritage, deeply rooted in its history and traditions. From vibrant festivals celebrating local art, music, and cuisine to historical landmarks and museums, there is always something fascinating to discover. We enjoy the BBQ festivals that come to town in the summer months.

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Of course, let's not forget about the renowned Texas quality of life. East Texas offers a slower pace of life, allowing you to savor each moment and truly appreciate the little things. Whether it's enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal with loved ones or taking a leisurely stroll through charming small towns, you'll find that life in East Texas is a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of city living.

Living in East Texas offers an array of benefits that add immense value to your life. From a strong sense of community to breathtaking natural landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and a cherished quality of life, East Texas truly embodies the essence of what makes Texas so special.