We are more than a foundation repair and erosion control company.

This company was founded on the principles of faith as a FIRM FOUNDATION.

At Barwell Solutions LLC, it is the foundation of our business to serve others and lead well. We provide exceptional customer experiences through our knowledge, ethics and attitude. This is a kingdom business and we treat it that way in all things we do. 

The Barwell Solutions Team
Matthew 7:24-27


With faith & family at the foundation of our business, Barwell Solutions LLC strives to provide the very best services possible to make your home a safe haven for you and your family. We understand that foundation problems can create stress. If your slabs and foundation are sinking or cracking, you may feel like your whole house is coming down or you may see moisture and pests coming in. We are foundation stress relievers! Our system of piers help stabilize the degradation of the foundation and re-establish a solid structure.

Water problems can lead to unstable foundations, rot, mold and pests. Waterproofing your house can help prevent future, costly foundation problems and make you home a more healthy place to live. If you are dealing with water issues, you may see the erosion outside, see water-stains or floods. Leaks and water invasion can lead to odors, discoloration, mold and health risks. The waterproofers at Barwell Solutions help stop the leaks, seal the gaps, prevent the floods, fix the damage and create a dry living space. Waterproofing and preventative maintenance to avoid moisture and foundation issues will save you thousands of dollars in repairs and help keep your house a safe and healthy place to live.

If you have pests burrowing under your home, you may feel invaded. No matter what, a sound and dry foundation is key to a solid home. Rest easy knowing that the experts at Barwell solutions have more than 25 years experience in construction services including: foundation repair, waterproofing, crawlspace improvement, soil gas remediation, commercial construction and home building. We know how to improve your situation and help prevent further damage.